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Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to participate in the half-day workshop  “Co-designing with Mixed-ability Groups of Children to Promote Inclusive Education
at the Interaction Design for Children Conference (IDC, 2022), to explore how to co-design technology in inclusive classrooms where children have diverse sensory, motor, cognitive or behavioral abilities.


  1. explore and define the barriers, limitations and opportunities in applying co-design approaches for and with children with mixed abilities,
  2. explore co-design techniques and strategies to promote inclusion and collaboration among children.

We invite participants to write short papers of 3-4 pages (excluding references) as positions papers, initial studies, or case studies, covering one of the following topics: (1) Co-design and PD approaches with children; (2) Inclusive education, and (3) Design for inclusion.

To broaden our audience to enable a more trans-disciplinary debate and discussion, we invite participants with diverse backgrounds such as educators or parents to participate as well. We will require a brief statement expressing their interest and motivation in participating in the workshop.

Important Dates

For more details, please visit our website here:


We look forward to your valuable contributions!


Ana Cristina Pires, Isabel Neto, Emeline Brulé, Laura Malinverni, Oussama Metatla and Juan Pablo Hourcade

Ana Pires, PhD
Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Edifício C6 Piso 3, Campo Grande, 1749 - 016 Lisboa
Contact: (+351) 21 750 05 32 - ext. 26337

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