A tenured position as Senior Lecturer in Computer Science with a specialisation in operating systems, real-time systems, and Internet of Things is available at Karlstad University Sweden.


As senior lecturer, you will support and strengthen one of the established research groups in Computer Science,

·        DISCO (Distributed Systems and Communication), whose research includes internet protocols, wireless systems, edge/cloud services, and next generation technologies, such as programmable networks, SDN/NFV, and 5G/6G.

·        PriSec (Privacy and Security), currently focusing on different aspects of cybersecurity such as network security, privacy-enhancing technologies, and data security and privacy.

·        SQuaD (Software Quality and Digital Modernisation), whose areas of study include software architecture degradation and other forms of technical debt, quality assurance techniques, such as testing, for long-living systems, and the design and evolution of security- and privacy-critical systems.


You will also play a vital role in the continued evolution of the Department’s education on operating systems, real-time systems, and Internet of Things.


The position is supported by external funding and includes a research component of at least 50% for the first four years. After that there will be an opportunity to keep the research component at 50% or more depending on access to external funds and the direction of the Department and research group.


For further information and instructions on how to apply please see https://kau.varbi.com/en/what:job/jobID:487988/. Application deadline: 29 May 2022.



Professor Anna Brunstrom

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Karlstad University

651 88 Karlstad, Sweden

Phone:   +46 54 7001795

E-mail:  [log in to unmask]



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