Dear all,

We would like to invite applications for both:
    - an up to 3 years fully-funded postdoctoral position
    - a fully-funded PhD position

within the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham (see
below for details on how to apply).

The postdoctoral researcher and PhD students will contribute to an
EPSRC-funded project aiming at designing and formally verifying distributed
systems, in particular Byzantine fault-tolerant distributed systems as used
for example in blockchain technology.

The start date is flexible, ideally around October 2022.

The environment:

The School of Computer Science has large and thriving Security and Theory
research groups. Among our research interests related to this project are
for example:
   - Blockchain Technology
   - Security & Privacy
   - Formal verification
   - Proof assistants
   - Model checking

Both groups are very active, organising regular seminars, informal
meetings, and actively participating in many events such as the Midlands
Graduate School or the Cyber Security PhD Winter School. For more
information see

How to apply:

Interested people are encouraged to contact me by email
([log in to unmask]) to discuss their research interests and details
of the positions. Further information on how to apply is available here:
   - postdoctoral position:
   - PhD position:

Vincent Rahli




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