Dear all, 
Our method FEM (Feature Explanation Method) for sample-based explanations of DNN décisions in Image Classification tasks has been released in OpenSource 
You can find it here 

The summary description of it available in Open source is in here : Alexey  Zhukov, Jenny Benois-Pineau, Romain Giot, «Evaluation of Explanation Methods of AI - CNNs in Image
Classification Tasks with Reference-based and No-reference Metrics », in Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Research 2 (4) 620-646, Article in Publishing

Its application to medical images is in the chapter n6  of the newly published Book Explainable Deep Learning - AI: Methods and Challenges, Elsevier , 2023

The methods works without gradient computation but by a statistical analysis. 

It is easy to play with, we thank you in advance for your feed-back. 

Jenny Benois-Pineau 
on behalf of the authors. 

Jenny Benois-Pineau, 
Professeure en Informatique, 
Chargée de mission aux relations Internationales
Collège Sciences et Technologies, 
Université de Bordeaux
351, crs de la Libération
33405 Talence
tel.: +33 (0) 5 40 00 84 24

Jenny Benois-Pineau, PhD, HDR, 
Professor of Computer Science, 
Chair of International relations
School of Sciences and Technologies
University of Bordeaux 
351, crs de la Libération
33405 Talence
tel.: +33 (0) 5 40 00 84 24


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