It's just a couple of days until the Text2Story@ECIR’23 workshop (6th International Workshop on Narrative Extraction from Texts). Text2Story'23 will be a hybrid event to take place in Dublin, Ireland and Online (GMT). We invite all the interested in this thematic to join us either in-person or online on the 2nd of April. Registrations are open here: https://ecir2023.org/registration.html  
The workshop program consists of two keynote speeches by Georgiana Ifrim from University College Dublin, Ireland and Valentina Bartalesi from the CNR-ISTI, Italy, and the presentations of fourteen research papers and five demo presentations. More details about the program can be found on the Text2Story 2023 workshop webpage: http://text2story23.inesctec.pt  
++ Invited Speakers ++  
- Georgiana Ifrim [University College Dublin] who will give a talk entitled "Structured Summarisation of News at Scale"  
- Valentina Bartalesi [CNR-ISTI] who will give a talk entitled "Creating and Visualising Semantic Story Maps"  
++ List of Papers ++  

- Multilingual Analysis of YouTube's Recommendation System: Examining Topic and Emotion Drift in the 'Cheng Ho' Narrative [Ugochukwu Onyepunuka, Mustafa Alassad, Lotenna Nwana and Nitin Agarwal] 

- NewsLines: Narrative Visualization of News Stories [Mariana Costa and Sérgio Nunes] 

- Annotation and visualisation of reporting events in textual narratives [Purificação Silvano, Evelin Amorim, António Leal, Inês Cantante, Silva Fátima, Alípio Jorge, Ricardo Campos and Sérgio Nunes] 

- Segmenting Narrative Synopses into Spans for Different Event Reporting Modes [Pablo Gervás] 

- On the Definition of Prescriptive Annotation Guidelines for Language-Agnostic Subjectivity Detection [Federico Ruggeri, Francesco Antici, Andrea Galassi, Katerina Korre, Ariann Muti and Alberto Barrón-Cedeño] 

- Edge Labelling in Narrative Knowledge Graphs [Vani Kanjirangat and Alessandro Antonucci] 

- End-to-End Temporal Relation Extraction in the Clinical Domain [José Javier Saiz and Begoña Altuna] 

- Cross-lingual transfer learning for detecting negative campaign in Israeli municipal elections: a case study [Marina Litvak, Natalia Vanetik and Lin Miao] 

- The Same Thing - Only Different: Classification of Movies by their Story Types [Chang Liu, Armin Shmilovici and Mark Last] 

- ScANT: A Small Corpus of Scene-Annotated Narrative Texts [Tarfah Alrashid and Robert Gaizauskas] 

- A cognitive theoretical approach of rhetorical news analysis [Ishrat Sami, Tony Russell-Rose and Larisa Soldatova] 

- Modelling Interestingness: stories as L-Systems and Magic Squares [Cosimo Palma] 

- On the Readability of Misinformation in Comparison to the Truth [Mohammadali Tavakoli, Harith Alani and Gregoire Burel] 

- Multi-label Infectious Disease News Event Corpus [Jakub Piskorski, Nicolas Stefanovitch, Brian Doherty, Jens Linge, Sopho Karazi, Jas Mantero, Guillaume Jacquet, Alessio Spadaro and Giulia Teodori 

++ List of Demonstrations ++ 

- Integration of a Semantic Storytelling Recommender System in Speech Assistants [Maria Gonzalez Garcia, Julian Moreno Schneider, Malte Ostendorff and Georg Rehm] 

- Extracting Imprecise Geographical and Temporal References from Journey Narratives [Ignatius Ezeani, Paul Rayson and Ian Gregory] 

- The Funhouse Mirror Has Two Sides: Visual Storification of Debates with Comics [Tony Veale] 

- Comprehensive Terms Board Visualization for News Analysis and Editorial Story Planning [Ishrat Sami, Tony Russell-Rose and Larisa Soldatova] 

- A Web Tool to Create and Visualise Semantic Story Maps [Valentina Bartalesi, Emanuele Lenzi and Nicolò Pratelli] 
We hope to see you in Dublin [or online] on the 2nd of April.  
All the best, 
Hugo Sousa, on behalf of the Text2Story 2023 Workshop Chairs: 
Ricardo Campos, Alípio Jorge, Adam Jatowt, Sumit Bhatia and Marina Litvak


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