Dear colleagues,

I am writing in my role as co-organizer of a CRA-E workshop about teaching-focused careers that will be taking place at FCRC in Orlando this June. The objective is to educate grad students and post-docs attending FCRC about different teaching-focused career paths, particularly tenure track positions at PUIs and masters-granting institutions as well as teaching track at PhD-granting institutions. The workshop will take place in the evening on Wednesday, June 21. 

So far, we've only managed to recruit R1 teaching faculty and colleagues from selective liberal arts colleges, and I think it's really important to provide more diverse perspectives. To that end, I am seeking panelists from masters-granting or primarily undergraduate universities who plan to attend FCRC and who would be excited to provide insight into their work experiences. 

There will be three panels:
  1. Mid-career faculty talking about what their jobs are like;
  2. Faculty leaders talking about search committee expectations;
  3. New faculty talking about the job search and the transition to a faculty role.
You can find a draft agenda and some questions for panelists here:

If you or a colleague fit the bill, please reach out to me. Thank you for considering this request!


Janet Davis (she/her)
Department Chair, Computer Science
Associate Professor and Microsoft Chair of Computer Science
Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA 99362
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