Dear Computer Science educator,

A joint task force of the ACM, IEEE-Computer Society and AAAI is now revising
Computer Science curricula ( As part of its charge, it is reviewing
the core topics that must be covered in every Computer Science program.

In order to do so, the task force recently conducted a series of short surveys.
It now plans to expand the pool of respondents to a larger group of educators.
(If you have already filled out the surveys, you do not need to do so again.)

If you are a Computer Science educator interested in curricular matters,
we invite you to first fill out the following registration form (only once):
and then, proceed to fill out surveys on all the topics of your interest and expertise at
Each survey is short and will take only a few minutes.
Each survey typically covers 3 - 10 topics.
For each topic, you will be asked whether every Computer Science graduate
must know the topic, and if yes, the skill level at which the graduate must know it.
You will also have the opportunity to enter comments and suggestions.
Please be sure to fill out the registration form before you fill out any survey.

We particularly encourage educators from smaller Computer Science programs
(smaller defined in terms of the number of courses required to graduate with a
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science) to participate in this exercise.

Participants in the surveys will be entered into a raffle
for $ 100 gift certificates at the completion of the exercise.
Up to 10 gift certificates will be raffled off.
It is not necessary to participate in every survey to qualify for the raffle.
But, an educator's name will be re-entered into the raffle
every time they participate in a survey, thereby
increasing their chances of winning a gift certificate.
Raffle awards will be limited to one gift certificate per winner.

For best consideration, please fill out the registration form and surveys by Sunday, June 25th.
Please publicize this opportunity to your colleagues who may also be interested
but are not on this mailing list.

Amruth Kumar
ACM Co-Chair
ACM/IEEE-CS/AAAI CS2023 Joint Task Force on Computer Science Curricula


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