The LIRIS Research unit at KU Leuven in Belgium (research center for Information Systems Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Business) invites applications for an (open rank) full-time faculty position in the areas of information systems engineering.  

We specifically look for candidates in the area of "information systems engineering", where the "engineering" component is clearly present. This "engineering" component can e.g. related to requirements engineering, modelling, software engineering, etc., but should not be purely technical. Preference will be given to candidates who also incorporate the relationship of information systems with their users (individuals or organisations). Possible spearhead domains for which there is a particular interest are the domains of digital twins, blockchain technology, technology within healthcare, cybersecurity and digital platforms, or other domains that potentially connect with various domains in which LIRIS is already doing research. For each of these topics, the candidate should pay attention to both the engineering aspect and the relationship with individuals and organisations. 

Full details are listed in the vacancy, which closes on October 30, 2023

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