DISC 2023 Call for Participation


DISC 2023, 37th International Symposium on Distributed Computing, will be held in L'Aquila, Italy on October 9-13, 2023: http://www.disc-conference.org/wp/disc2023/


The list of accepted papers is available online: http://www.disc-conference.org/wp/disc2023/accepted-papers/


Conference registration is now open at http://www.disc-conference.org/wp/disc2023/registration/. If the link does not work, head on over to http://www.disc-conference.org/wp/disc2023/ and you will find a working link.


There is a DISC Extended Stay Support Scheme (DESSS), designed to enhance scientific collaborations and diminish the carbon footprint of scientific research activities. DISC 2023 attendees are encouraged to combine their visit to L’Aquila with collaborations with local researchers. For more info, including how to apply, see http://www.disc-conference.org/wp/disc2023/disc-extended-stay-support-scheme/.


Information about the venue, how to reach L’Aquila, and the visa support letter can be found here: https://www.disc-conference.org/wp/disc2023/local-information/


It is planned to stream the conference, barring any last minute issues.      


The conference program appears at https://www.disc-conference.org/wp/disc2023/program-overview/ and its highlights include:


- Keynote talks by Tal Rabin (for the Dijkstra Award), Amos Korman, and Lorenzo Alvisi.


- Eleven technical paper sessions.


Six workshops are organized in cooperation with DISC 2023:


- ADGA: Workshop on Advances in Distributed Graph Algorithms

Chair: Laurent Feuilloley

Website: http://adga.hiit.fi/


- FRIDA: The 10th Workshop on Formal Reasoning in Distributed Algorithms

Chairs: Stephan Merz, Marijana Lazic

Website: https://frida-2023.github.io/


- WAND: Workshop on Analysis of Network Dynamics

Chairs: Isabella Ziccardi, Emilio Cruciani, Francesco d’Amore

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/wand2023/home


- AMG: Algorithms for Massive Graphs

Chair: Jara Uitto

Website: https://users.aalto.fi/~uittoj3/AMG2023/


- HACDA: Highlights of Asynchronous Concurrent and Distributed Algorithms

Chair: Naama Ben-David

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/hacda-workshop/home


- PODL: Workshop on Principles of Distributed Learning & Tutorial on Distributed Machine Learning

Chairs: Nirupam Gupta, Rafael Pinot, Rachid Guerraoui

Website: https://dcl.epfl.ch/site/disc2023


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See you in L’Aquila in October!

William K. Moses Jr.
Publicity Chair, DISC 2023

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