>We're currently paying $6 plus shipping per CD-ROM that we get from Walnut
>Creek.  We buy 2-300 at a time and about 1K+ per year.  Can we get
>pricing?  What is the cost of production?  Is it true that, like all
>situations, the cost is in the initial pressing & in the setup, and that the

>copies are cheep?

Mastering runs on the order of $600 from the pressing plant with per-replica
copies at $1 with a jewel case but without a printed booklet.  This is with a
two color printing job on the CD-ROM (black and one other).  As for
there is a world of difference in the cost between shipping them out one
at a time
and shipping them out in a box full of 240 (Sony plant in Terre Haute) or 200
(Phillips? plant in Ohio).

A consideration for those actually placing the order with the pressing plant
would be whether they have your firm order for a particular quantity at the
time they place their order with the pressing plant.  Repressings involve a
setup charge as well.  All the above can get more expensive depending on
your requested turnaround time which can range from 1 to 10 days.

Larry Kilgallen