Tucker Taft ([log in to unmask]) said:

  > Admittedly, if there is no mandate for a particular technology
  > in a particular domain, then a business case must be made for the
  > use of one technology over another.  I certainly expect and hope
  > that Ada will continue to be used in many domains that don't relate
  > even vaguely to war-fighting.  That doesn't necessarily mean it should
  > be mandated in all such domains.

  One that has pleasantly surprised me recently is the use of Ada for
cgi scripts.  Much, much easier on the head than /bin/sh or perl5, and
the code is the same size or smaller.  The "neat trick" that makes it
all work is to get and use the uncgi tool to unpack the href into
environment variables.

                                        Robert I. Eachus

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