> On Thu, 7 Nov 1996, Michael Feldman wrote:
> > Sigh... yes. The more I think about this study, the sadder I get that
> > the committee couldn;t or wouldn;t go deeper into the actual data.
>   Michael,
>   I wonder if we should to continue to dignify this document with
>   the word, "study."  Would you accept something like this if a
>   student submitted it for a grade?
>   Richard Riehle
At this point, I think we should stop flaming, till the full report
appears on the web and everyone has a chance to read it in its own
words. I'm kind of uncomfortable discussing things most teamers
don;t have access to yet. It'll only be a couple of weeks - the committee
said it would turn up on the web before the end of November.

I'll follow my own advice and shut up.:-)

Mike Feldman