David wrote,

> Michael Feldman wrote:
> >
> [snip]
> > At this point, I think we should stop flaming, till the full report
> > appears on the web and everyone has a chance to read it in its own
> > words. I'm kind of uncomfortable discussing things most teamers
> > don;t have access to yet. It'll only be a couple of weeks - the committee
> > said it would turn up on the web before the end of November.
> >
> Actually, it's there right now:
> http://www2.nas.edu/cstbweb/21b6/BRIEFING.PPT
> I just stumbled upon it a couple of hours ago.
> -- David
Not quite. That's just the briefing foils. Better than the brief
summaries we've seen so far, but the actual report is >100 pages.

Mike Feldman