Hi All,

Meeting @ TRI-Ada 7-9PM, Wednesday, to form a working group on patterns.

This is actually the second meeting of the budding working group.  At Ada Europe
'96, a small group meet to discuss organizational issues.  Brad Balfour took notes &
will make them available at the meeting.  Patrick de Bondeli had a draft form for
describing patterns that we may request people to fill out.  We tentatively decided to
run meetings in the fashion of the highly success Ada-Language Issues WG
(ALIWG), where people brought patterns that they wanted to discuss and resulting
minutes published (in our case, we plan to set up a web page).

The following is the preliminary schedule for the TRI-Ada meeting

        7-7:30 PM       Organizational issues (Review preliminary charter, select chair,...)
        7:30-8 PM       Review proposed form for submitting patterns for discussion
        8-9 PM          Review patterns.

Bring patterns to review.

Take Care,