>My recurring dream is that the vendor will back up that gimmick with
>a real push for Ada in the non-"mandated", truly commercial, market-
>place. Can it happen?

Yes, it can and is (according to at least one data point): I recently
received the following email inside TRW from a fellow employee (BL)
who has been a subscriber to the "Ada: Death of a Legend" school in
recent years, where he forwards a mesage from someone (GH) who has
been circulating his resume.  [Actually, this reports not on an Ada
compiler vendor, but multiple commercial products vendors -- but, I'll
take some pull if I can't get enough push, and this may be better!]

        -- Hal

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  OFFICE MEMO         FWD>For You Ada Lovers                Date:  11/15/96

For those of you who are sick and tired of people like me going around
and constantly proclaiming that Ada is a dead language: Excerpts from a
message GH sent detailing his experience in finding a jobwith Ada experience.

By the way, Ada is beginning to have an industrial, non-government
life.  Triconex is supplying large scale industrial companies, like
refineries, utilities, ...  What a surprise!

I am not kidding.  Virtually every contact since the August mailings
of my resume have involved interest in Ada, with perhaps the exception
of one.  Triconex is non-government, very industrial.  They are
planning to do their next generation system in Ada.  Specifically, a
subset which is apparantly referred to in Appendix H of the Ada 95
spec, which I have never seen.  They sell embedded real-time control
systems to larger industrial customers that need continuous up time,
reliability, and safety.