>And while I'm at it, I downloaded the WHYADA PowerPoint presenta-
>tion from PAL and when I tried to open it, I got an error 30 from
>PowerPoint when I tried to open it.  Anyone have a solution to
>this?  I have emailed Dr Conn, but have not yet received a

Any chance you forgot to set your ftp to "binary"?  I'm pretty sure
the version on the AJPO/AdaIC machine is binary, and the PAL just
mirrors that.  I run on a Mac, and when I dowloaded and opened this
file, it said it was "read-only" (and would be translated) because it
was a Windows PPT file, but that is easily gotten around if one wants
to edit it by using "Save As."  No problems other than that.            -- hh

PS: Someone at the AdaIC or AJPO should be asked for help if this
doesn't do it.  Rick Conn is not the author, just the manager of the PAL.