Hi, Everyone,

Walnut Creek, in creating the next Ada CDROM, reports a virus which is in
the AJPO tree (which therefore originated on SW-ENG).  I suggest you stay
away from/remove these files ASAP.  I have notified the AdaIC.


> We just encountered a slight snag today.  Our replicator called us and
> told us that there was a virus on disc 2.
> Sure enough, when I ran Norton Antivirus on it, the following files came
> up as having a virus:
>       ada/ajpo/ed-train/baa/OOSEwithAda95/baa932~1.doc
>       ada/ajpo/ed-train/baa/OOSEwithAda95/oose.zip
> The first file was infected with the Compact (1) virus which is a Word
> macro virus.  The second file merely contained the first file.
> I went and deleted both of these files from disc 2.  (The contents of
> oose.zip was already recreated in the WEBPAGES directory in the same
> directory.)  I'm remastering disc 2 right now, and am preparing to send it
> off to them immediately.
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