Hello, Everyone,

Thought I would take a few bytes of your email space for these stats. As
I mentioned earlier, the upgrades of WUARCHIVE to a T3 line and a
dual-CPU Ultra-SPARC have proven to drastically improve the availability
of the archives on WUARCHIVE.  These stats seem to back that up, so your
use of the PAL directly from WUARCHIVE should be much more convenient.

Richard Conn, PAL Manager  |  [log in to unmask]
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FTP and WWW SERVER Statistics for Washington University Archive (WUARCHIVE)
October 1996
Approximately 170 Archives (including 2 for the PAL)

FTP TOTALS FOR SUMMARY PERIOD Tue Oct  1 1996 TO Thu Oct 31 1996
Files Transmitted During Summary Period                2,104,088
Bytes Transmitted During Summary Period          345,750,975,769
Systems Using Archives                                   246,836

                    Total hits:                        3,206,279
        Number of unique URL's:                          240,469
            Total unique hosts:                          375,728
   Total bytes (nearest 1,000) transferred:      257,816,053,000