Michael Feldman wrote:
> >
> > Ada does show up at other interesting little conferences
> > such at Embedded Systems.
> >
> > Perhaps, given the NRC report, more energy should be
> > spent in getting visibility into the embedded systems
> > market.
> Does anyone else find it strange and ironic that Ada, originally
> conceived for what were then called DoD embedded systems, has such
> a weak presence in the current embedded systems world?
> Are we really dealing with two completely different definitions
> of "embedded"?

No, I do not think so.  The problem is that "embedded" is
still thought of as hardware and as a result has been done
by mostly hardware people.  Most of which have no training
in software engineering.  The fact that some of them even
use any high level language can be a surprise.

Just my opinion.

Steve Schwarm