Brad Balfour wrote:

> Well, I, for one, am glad to see that someone is reading the Adoption
> Handbook :-)

We try ;-)

> Moved. The AdaIC moves it's files periodically. With their large volume of
> stuff, the've got to reorganize or die.
> The new location is:
> <
>   9x-history/reports/>
> One example is at:
> <
>   9x-history/reports/uirep_tartan_trw.txt>

Actually this works better with only one '/' before public.  I got there
okay, but then when I tried to click on README, I kept getting "no such
server as 'public'" (paraphrase).  I clicked in the URL field and
deleted one of the '/' characters, and then it worked fine.

By the way, how's TRI-Ada going so far?
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