If you are a Software Engineer, User Interface Designer, Programmer,
Project Leader, Technical Writer, or Product Manager, please join us
for these two courses:

January 29, 1997

January 30, 1997

Two 1-day courses to help you build better applications faster

Andover, MA
Presented by User Interface Engineering

What You'll Learn

These courses are designed to get you exactly where you want to go
-- to a product that your customers learn easily, use frequently, and

Discover techniques that will dramatically change the way you build
products, without requiring any more time, money, or people!


+ Use rapid iterative design to keep your product on track with
  continuous measurements

+ Prevent common usability problems by focusing on a few proven
  design basics

+ Usability test a paper prototype of the product's design to get key
  feedback before any code is written

The high point of this course is our design competition. Using
everything you've learned, you'll build a fully-working product in
just a few hours. You'll apply your new-found knowledge and have a
blast collaborating with your peers!


+ Gather information on how your users work and what constraints your
  design needs to address

+ Partition a feature-rich product to meet the needs of different

+ Design your interface for both ease of learning AND productivity

+ Identify the bottlenecks that hamper your development process

Both courses are taught by Jared M. Spool and Tara Scanlon,
recognized experts in software usability.

Course Costs

Each course costs just $320 per person, or attend both and save $50.

And, if you register by January 14th, you'll receive a one-year
subscription (6 issues) to our newsletter, Eye For Design.  That's a
$79.00 value.  Act now!

Seating is limited, so register early!

Thinking about sending 4 or more people?  Call today about group
discounts or on-site courses.

Course Location

We are holding both courses at the Andover Marriott.  We have
reserved a block of rooms at a special rate for course attendees.
Contact the Andover Marriott (508-975-3600) before January 14th to
reserve your room.

To Register

By Phone:  (508) 975-4343
By Mail:   User Interface Engineering
           800 Turnpike Street, #101
           North Andover, MA 01845
By Fax:    (508) 975-5353
By Email:  [log in to unmask]

Order Form

___ Yes! I can't wait to attend these courses.  I understand that if
I register before January 14th, I will receive a full year's
subscription (6 issues) to Eye For Design.
      ___  Product Usability: Survival Techniques 1/29/97 $320
      ___  Techniques For Complex Applications 1/30/97 $320
      ___  Both Courses (Save $50)  $590

___ Maybe.  I'd like to see the eight-page brochure which describes
the details of these courses.  Please fax it to the number below.

___ No, I can't attend this course, but I am interested in learning
about future events.

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Payment Information:
  ___ Check enclosed (Payable to User Interface Engineering)
  ___ Net-30 Purchase Order # _________
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  ___ Mastercard
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  ___ American Express
  ___ Discover

Account #: __________________________________________
Expiration Date: ____________________________________

Substitions may be made at any time.  We will accept cancellations
made two weeks before the course, subject to a $40 service charge.
who do not attend or cancel within two weeks of the course will be
issued a credit for future courses.

Existing Eye For Design subscribers will receive a one-year extension
to their current subscription.  Sorry, but the free subscription
offer will not be available after January 14th.