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Dear Colleague,

Please find attached below the
Call for Submissions for the Object Application Awards '97

Best Regards

Roberto Zicari
Program Chair

Call for Submissions for the
4th Annual Object Application Awards, 1997.

Object World Frankfurt '97 will take place on October 7-10, 1997 at
the Sheraton Conference Center Frankfurt/Main.
Object World Frankfurt is part of the largest
all-object technology worldwide series of events focusing on the
commercial and practical aspects of object technology.
Object World Frankfurt is organized by Object World Corp.,
a SOFTBANK COMDEX company, and LogOn Technology Transfer
One of the highlights of the show will be the fourth edition of the annual
international Object Application Awards.

Awards will be given out in four categories:

i) Best implementation of a distributed application using object technology.

ii) Best application utilizing reusable components leveraged from or for use in
other projects.

iii) Best use of object technology within enterprise or large system environment.

New :
iv) Best application combining object technology and the Internet.

A distinguished panel of judges, chaired by Professor Roberto Zicari of the
Object Management Group (OMG) Central Europe, will determine the winners
through a nomination process.
Applications must meet the following qualifications:

- an application built from scratch, or
- a modification of an off-the-shelf application, or
- an object-oriented front end for a host application

Production applications and/or documented and demonstrable working prototypes
are acceptable.

The winners of the awards at Object World Frankfurt '96 were:  ABB (Germany),
debis Systemhaus (Germany), Deutsche Bahn AG (Germany), Motorola (US), Sabre
Decision Technologies (US).

Entrants to the Object Application Awards must call for an official Entry Kit.
All entries must be received by September 10, 1997. Entrants will be asked to
detail goals of the application, the approach used, problems encountered, and
key benefits realized conformant to one of the categories.

To obtain your Entry Kit:

call +49-6173 -9558-50,
fax  +49-6173-9404-20,
e-mail : [log in to unmask],

download it from the Web:       http://www.ltt.de

or write to:
LogOn Technology Transfer GmbH,
att. Astrid Schuler,
Burgweg 14, D-61476
Kronberg (Ts.).