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                      CALL FOR PAPERS
                     RIAO'97 CONFERENCE
           Computer-Assisted Searching on the Internet
                      June 25-27, 1997
           McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


  Brief Description and Themes:

         Every third year the Centre de Hautes Etudes Internationales
 d'Information Documentaire (CID) of Paris, France, along with various
 international affiliates, organizes the RIAO conference (RIAO is the French
 acronym for Computer-Assisted Information Retrieval).  RIAO97 will be the
 fifth conference in the series.  RIAO85 was held in Grenoble, France; RIAO88
 in Cambridge, MA, USA (MIT); RIAO91 in Barcelona, Spain; and RIAO97 in New
 York City (Rockefeller University).

         RIAO conferences, all of which have had printed proceedings, have the
 special feature of incorporating both scientific papers and innovative product
 demonstrations.  Both the product demonstrations and the scientific papers
 (which are often accompanied by prototype system demonstrations) are subject
to a rigorous selection process.  While commercial displays, as such, are not
 promulgated, the mix of scientific expertise and state-of-the-art industrial
 development lends itself to a critical examination of both with the potential
 for advances in product development and sponsorship as well as the initiation
 of lines for further, critical research investigations.

         RIAO97 focuses on new problems in information retrieval, filtering, and
 dissemination resulting from the recent profusion and extensions of networks.
 In particular, we seek to bring together search specialists and web-based
 media specialists to consider how searching can best be accomplished in the
 context of a proliferation of web sites, content formats, browsing modalities,
 amount of data accessible, and number of user accesses.  Toward these ends the
 following topics are among those sought for inclusion in conference papers and

 A:  Rapid indexing and retrieval engines; automatic abstracting

 B:  Linguistic tools in information retrieval

 C:  Information retrieval from heterogeneous formats
     - Identifcation of the same document in different contexts
       (different languages, structures, versions, etc.)
     - Unification of documents from heterogeneous formats; data-wharehousing
     - Data-mining and knowledge discovery in large databases
     - Search strategies in heterogenous contexts

 D:  Strategies for technology watch on the Web; content addressable electronic
 mail, newsgroups, and other WWW systems

 E:  Architecture
     - How to exploit large bandwidth for information retrieval
     - Distributed multi-agent architectures

 F:  Imaging
     - Content characterization; manual and automatic description methods
     - Search strategies

 G:  Sound
     - Sound content characterization
     - Automatic indentification of sound type: speech, music, ...
     - Spoken language recognition; word (boundary) identification

 H:  Multimedia Web interfaces: Iconic, navigational, and speech interfaces

 I:  Content-based compression techniques

 J:  Data security problems: copyright protection, internet crime

 K:  Web-related international conventions and policies


PROGRAM CHAIRS : C. Chrisment (French Chair), L. Devroye (Canadian


                J. ARAMBERRI (SP)
                J.C. BASSANO (F)
                P. BRUZA (AUS)
                R. CENCIONI (EEC)
                D.G. ELLIMAN (UK)
                C. FLUHR (F)
                G. GREFENSTETTE (F)
                J.C. GUEDON (CAN)
                J. HAN (CAN)
                D. HARMAN (USA)
                J.P. HATON (F)
                U. HEID (D)
                C. JACQUEMIN (F)
                G. KIKUI (J)
                J. KLAVANS (USA)
                R.R. KORFHAGE (USA)
                J. H. LEE (KOR)
                P. LOPISTEGUY (SP)

                R. MARCUS (USA)
                B. MERIALDO (F)
                A. MOFFAT (AUS)
                J. MOTHE (F)
                S. H. MYAENG (Kor)
                T. PRABHAKAR (Ind)
                S. ROBERTSON (UK)
                T. SARACEVIC (USA)
                P. SCHAUBLE (Switz)
                F. SEBASTIANI (I)
                A. SEFFAH  (CAN)
                V. SEMENOVA (RUS)
                S. TOHME (F)
                R. WILKINSON (Aus)


    Papers should be submitted electronically as attached Postscript or
ASCII (maximum 20 pages)
 files to:
           [log in to unmask]

 or in manuscript form to:

 36 bis, rue Ballu
 F-75009 Paris, France

 or to:

 C/O Leon Constantin
 25th floor
 575 Madison Ave
 New York, NY 10022 USA

 Closing date for submission: January 20, 1997
 Notification of acceptance: March 10, 1997
 Camera-ready copy: May 10, 1997
 Conference start date: June 25, 1997

 Questions, comments, and intents to attend conference or submit paper or
 demonstration proposals may also be sent to above addresses.
 Additional information will be found at conference web page at URL:

       http://www.sciences.univ-nantes.fr/RIAO97    [note: RIAO in CAPS]