I wasn't really trying to start a fight about what the difference was
between journeyman, advanced and master.

I am going to do a tutorial that expects that people already know Ada95.
 Once you go beyond tagged types and tasking. . .

Realize that one of the key features of Ada is it's OOness, but there are
still a lot of new features in Ada95.  There are also some of the old
features that have been enhanced.  That's what I'm trying to discuss.

Maybe a good name for the tutorial is "Beyond Tagged Types"

I'm looking at it as a good forum for the "new ada crowd,"  those who
started with Ada95.  They can learn the "old" ada features that are a good

 It is also a good refresher for the "Ada83 crowd" because they can take
another look at the old features of Ada in the OO light as presented with