It's bad enough that you were spamming everyone you could think of with
the original message, which I got more than three copies of, now we has a
damn coverstation being blasted out on a zillion mailing lists.

Please stop this network abuse immeediately.

Unsolicited mass email is not an appropriat way to advertise.  Use web
pages, appropriate news groups, and your own organizations mailing
lists.  Don't spam other mailing lists.


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Date: Fri, 07 Feb 1997 11:07:17 +0000
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At 18:57 6/2/97 +0100, ICCC'97 wrote:
>FYI.  Last year we were still talking about the emerging IS.
>Now we are talking about the mature IS.  1998 - postmortem
>on the IS?

Surely senile dementia sets in before the postmortem!
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