I remember a question being asked about Digital not supporting Ada under
Digital UNIX 4.0.  The answer was that DEC did not intend to drop Ada
support permanently.  As of DU 4.0B, Ada support is back.  However, the
attached message also indicates that DEC does not plan to support Ada95.

A quote from the release notes says:
"DEC Ada is now supported on Digital UNIX Version 4.0B with DEC Ada V3.3
for Digital UNIX."

Rick Muse

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, amw wrote:

> Hi Managers,
>       My earlier question was :-
>   Does anyone know why DEC have dropped support for ADA under DU 4.0 ?
> A brief summary of the replies follows:-
> Apparently there is a known problem with the Ada support libraries that shipped
> with V4.0, and it should be fixed in the next available release.  This may be
> December due to ADA needing fixes to the threads code in the kernel.
> Basically it seems what was shipped in V4.0 for Ada runtime is very broken.
> It apparently got discovered too late to fix it.  So it got a release note
> saying it's "not supported".
> In any case, there is no intention to drop Ada support permanently, it's
> just a temporary glitch.
> Digital's position on Ada hasn't changed.  Ada is no longer a "strategic"
> language for Digital. We will not be moving to Ada95 with DEC Ada.
> However, the product will be supported for the forseeable future.  This includes
> operating system updates.
>  Thanks to :-
>       Dr. Thomas P. Blinn
>       David R. Courtade
>       Pat Lampert
>       Stephen Carpenter
>               Angela
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