At the end of a two month class (two nights per week, and two
Saturdays) in Ada, one of my more argumentive students approached
me with his view of Ada.  He said, "I think I am beginning to see
the point. With C I can get a clean compile on my program immediately,
but it takes me a long time to get it to run.  With Ada it takes a long
time to get a clean compile, but once it compiles there is less work
required to make it run."

This seems to be true of the C family of languages, including C++. Those
members of your team who are fustrated with the effort in getting a clean
compilation are stuck with the same short-sighted view that is the bane of
American industry.

I sometimes wonder if these same people think 30 minute sitcoms
represent a true fragment of how real-life works.

Richard Riehle

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