On Tue, 18 Mar 1997, McDonough, Daniel Mr HQ/SAN wrote:

   This is exactly my point. One problem I have always had with my own
   code is running off the end of arrays. This usually caused the progam
   to blow up somewhere else. I used to get into endless change, compile,
   run, crash - damn - where is that bug? loops. Now, with Ada, I can squash
   that bug early. And many more besides...

This rings very true for me as well.  I usually have this experience when
programming in Ada:  Code, code, code, compile, oops.  Check the code, yup,
the compiler's right, I was about to bite my own leg off there.  Fix, compile,
test, oops again.  Oh, darn, I'm *always* screwing that sorta thing up! ...

And then it hits me ... what would I be doing at this point in the project if
I had been coding in C?  At least half the time, bugs that the compiler or
first round of run-time checks have caught were things that C would have
cheerfully allowed through the door.  About this time, I get a really sick,
queasy feeling.  *Some* of those bugs might have remained dormant and
undetected until delivery and beyond.  Ewwwwww!!