Dave> [New Ada License]

   What is the problem with the modified GPL used for the GNAT
run-time (I wasn't at Tri-Ada95)?

   One problem with the proliferation of licenses is that it weakens
the free software world (not strictly speaking GNU GPL, but all
software where people are happy to distribute their sources and to see
other people improving it). The purpose of this licensing (a part to
help for a better world) is to protect against big companies making
your free software proprietary. But who will defend license X
especially made for software Y in case something like that happen?
May be the FSF (what if they try to help defend a non GPL license and
loose...), but if Y = GPL (or recognized modified GPL), you're
absolutly sure you'll have the FSF support (and the support of all the
free software world).

Laurent Guerby <[log in to unmask]>, Team Ada.
   "Use the Source, Luke. The Source will be with you, always (GPL)."