> I say the following characterization of Java, which I though amusing, in a message on the OPEN mail list.
> > Java: the elegant simplicity of C++ and the blazing speed of Smalltalk

There is a great article in the March IEEE Computer entitled, "If Java
is the Answer, What was the Question?"  I happen to read it after
returning from the ACM SIGCSE Conference in San Jose.  My mind was boggled
by this year's talk at SIGCSE.  I thought it was bad enough last year
when the talk was about The Advanced Placement exam going to C++.  This
year all the talk was about schools adopting Java in the first course.

I joking said to some friends that I had heard that Bill Gates is buying
the Education Testing Service and that the Advanced Placement Exam will
go directly to Active X or J++.  It seemed to take some of them a while
to recognize that it was only a joke...... Or is it!!!!!

Jack Beidler