I don't care how they do it as long as they provide the service and . . .
provide a cost estimate for long term maintenance.  They need to be held
to the long term maintenance quote.

For example. . . for a standalone new project it's easy to go all Ada.

On the other hand, for a company who has a long term investment in C
technology for say  . . . operating systems, RDBMS and the like, they are
going to have a better time maintaining the Ada95 interface to their


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:> The only place where I suggest an "Ada Mandate" is in interfaces.

That would be one place.  But I wouldn't go as far as you did in your
hypothetical quote.  How about:

  " We (The DoD) need a system that will ..........  Previous systems
    in this domain have shown that it is possible with Ada to have
    <metric> in the range of <typical acheivable value>.  Therefore,
    proposals not promising that or better will not be accepted.
    Ada must be used , _at_least_ for interfaces to all key APIs
    in the system.  Ada must be considered as a possible implementation
    language, but another language may be used as long as all quality
    requirements of this RFP are met."

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