The User Interface Research group at Xerox PARC is looking for a colleague
with excellent systems-building skills to collaborate with them and others
at PARC on novel user-interface paradigms:  Information visualization, 3D
interactive graphics, folded-reality UI, user interaction with Web-based
information ecologies, knowledge workspaces, interactive systems that
support information crystallization, and information-intensive work. We
want to invent and build systems that allow people find, assimilate and
make sense of information at extreme rates.  And we want to understand the

The group has a two-pronged approach to research.  On the one hand, the
group invents and prototypes new user interactions ideas and transfers many
of them into commercial development.  On the other hand the group is
concerned with the theory and empirical analysis of human-machine systems
and publishes extensively.

We have recently helped launch a new Xerox business unit InXight based on
our research, and we now want to hire new systems colleagues at PARC to
replace those going out with the business.  We seek someone who likes
building systems, is good at it, has an architectural sense, and is
knowledgeable about current industry trends.  Knowledge of 3D interactive
graphics and user interfaces is a help.  Our current platforms of interest
are Silicon Graphics computers and PCs, Java, C++, Lisp, and advanced
graphical environments; we expect to exploit aggressively evolving industry
and PARC technologies.

This job is for a PARC research position.  Frankly, it's a really neat job
and could be an excellent career move.

An equal-opportunity and cheerful employer.