Hello, Everyone,

During March 1997, users in

  1,703 organizations in 58 countries transferred
 70,115 files from the main PAL site at wuarchive.wustl.edu

This counts only those transfers via anonymous FTP, the World Wide Web,
and gopher.  It does NOT include transfers via FTP Mail, remote NFS
mounts, and direct access.  It also does NOT include the activity at
the PAL mirror sites at sw-eng, cdrom.com, and cnam.fr, nor does it
include distributions of the Walnut Creek Ada CDROM.

During this month, over 4,000 files were added and/or updated in the
PAL.  The three mirror sites mentioned above transferred 13,476 from
the main PAL site at wuarchive, bringing the total file transfers from
the wuarchive site up to 83,591.

Richard Conn, PAL Manager  |  [log in to unmask]
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