I must apologize to Mike Berman of Manugistics who is the volunteer
   watching over the dialog level on TEAM-ADA; he was put out that I accused
   him of being a politically correct academic.  Mike has recently corrected
   my false impression.

   Nonetheless, I still stand by the essence of my earlier remark -- bread
   and butter issues should be a main course on TEAM-ADA:  software process
   management (P-CMM, Sfw-CMM, SA-CMM, ISO), economics, markets,
   opportunities, p.r., and politics as related to Ada developers
   (individual, corporate, government).  I agree that putting verbose detail
   on the WWWeb is good -- but I still believe that short notes of hot items
   or changed desriptives do belong on Email.

   The community response to Secretary Paige's about-face was not bad.  A
   better dialog is what long range goals are needed for Ada-2007.  (More on
   that later.)

   Mike Berens