> This is fascinating (and bullish!) news for the Ada community, but
> also a request I can best help with (esp. since I'm in SLC all of next
> week) by forwarding to all of you and invite anyone interested or
> knowing anyone who might be interested to call Leslie at 201/731-3033.
> Just tell her that I "referred" you.
>                                         -- Hal

At STC I presume?  I'm heading out that way Sunday morning.

> PS: I get a couple such calls on average monthly, mostly for positions
> at non-Govt-contractor commercial companies.  Should I post them to
> this list just so everyone sees what's happening out there with Ada
> and feel good about the progress and apparent good reputation that is
> growing for Ada, irregardless of whether it's appropropriate to use
> these lists for Ada job-matchups?  (for which I would vote "Yes" if
> asked, for reasons unique to Ada's situation)


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