David Wheeler wrote:
> Can anyone point me to some OODBMSs with Ada interfaces,
> or general suggestions regarding interfacing to them?
> Success stories and/or points-of-contact of people who are
> doing this would be great too.
> I realize using CORBA directly would be reasonable for low-speed
> connections, but I'm looking for something faster.
We have interfaced with UniSQL from Ada 95. We did this by taking the C
API for UniSQL and generating a thin binding using one of the cbind/cbfe
tools. We then put this into a CORBA server so that rest of the system
gets at UniSQL through this CORBA layer. But you don't have to do that.
UniSQL is an object database but it also allows you to define objects
that draw their data from relational databases (which was a requirement
for our project). I don't see why you can't use this approach with
anything that has a C API. What we did not attempt was to generate
tagged types from UniSQL meta-data or vice-versa.
-- David