> One thing that can be a name is a function_call (another syntax
> category).
> The syntax for a function_call is:
>     function_name
>     | function_prefix actual_parameter_part
> "-O" does not have this form, so it doesn't fall into the syntax
> category of "name."

Well, as I pointed out in another message, this still isn't quite
enough.  What is the rule for function_name?  I couldn't seem to find
it anywhere (even yanked the RM up into an editor and searched for
it.)  Actually, funtion_prefix doesn't seem to have an explicit rule
either, but the fact that this form requires a parameter list
eliminates it for the "-O" case.

Hi Jon

It's really amazing how long this discussion has been taking.

A little advice:

Do not use RM in an ASCII file form, rather use a printed version.
There you will find that function_name and function_prefix really do not exist
at all as syntax categories; only name and prefix exist.
The 'function_' part is typed in italics, which means that the syntax category
given is the one with the italicized part stripped.