As part of its 1998 Conference in Washington, DC, the Usability
Professionals Association (UPA) will be sponsoring a "Government Day" at
which usability issues will be presented to senior government officials.
The Lucid Computing Movement is working with UPA to contribute to this effort.

We are in need of success stories which can be used in the publicity
material to interest potential government executives.

If you have participated in a government project (USA or elsewhere) in
which good UI design saved money, increased productivity or reduced risk,
please let us know.

At this point all we need are several sentences: what was the agency, what
was the project, how did usability contribute to success?  Please send me
your ideas and I'll organize them and pass them on to the conference

At a later point, I will invite you to produce a 500 word article which can
be posted on the Lucid web site for reference.

This is a real opportunity for the usability community to make its voice
heard across many government agencies.  Please share your success stories.

Charlie Kreitzberg

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