Actually, there are indeed Ada compilers that will work on 286's and older
Macs.  There's SmallAda, which will even work on a 68000 Mac (Plus, SE,
Classic, etc.)!  I hope that Bill "Satan" Gates doesn't succeed in turning
PC's in schools into Windoze95 boxes.  IMO, all 386+ computers should have
FreeBSD (or Linux, though preferably FreeBSD :), and all 8088 and
80286-based machines should have Minix.  I believe that ALL computers, if
they can, should be turned into Unix boxes.  Besides, there is GNAT, which
is a GREAT (excuse my shouting =) compiler, which like all GNU's stuff,
works best in Unix.

And I still hold the belief that Ada should replace BASIC, Pascal,
HyperCard and C in the K-12 community, while C should probably be used as
a second language.

I should probably stop here before my arguments become completely
irrelavant to the subject at hand :)