Hello teamers.

I have a suggestion for an opportunity to promote the use of Ada. If you
are interested in electronics, mechanics, material sciences, or embedded
systems then see what you can do to establish a Robotics Club in your
community. One may already exist for you. I am not really into robotics
work on the hardware side but I can learn from those who are enthusiastic
about hardware. And I can promote Ada to them. Together I hope to help
demonstrate embedded systems using Ada. This represents an opportunity to
use and promote Ada for real embedded systems projects that can be alot of

(I expect the market for Ada tools will grow as a result of Robotics
Clubs. Though that's only a secondary reason I am doing this.)

I am establishing a Robotics Club in Kansas City North. I have found there
is great interest from novices, hobbyists and some professionals. It will
be a way to share info, establish relationships, and guide interests with
hands-on workshops. Teenagers are eager to become involved in such a club
(and it gives you a means to keep them busy with something constructive).

Our club will have its first meeting next month. I intend to have a
monthly meeting at a community college and invite anyone to join at no
cost. At the meeting, members can schedule workshops to create group
projects managed by individual members. A list of member names, phone
numbers, and addresses will be made available to members only. Annual
Robot Wars competitions and other contests hold the interests of many
potential members and will become a focus for some projects (although the
club will not be officially affiliated with other organizations). A
Robotics Club is a great way to get involved and requires just a few hours
a month.

We have not got a name for our club yet. But I am leaning toward a simple
and descriptive name like "Robotics Club - KC North". I think a
community-wide emphasis is more flexible than a city-wide one. That's why
a community college meeting place was chosen. I'd like to swap stories
with anyone helping to establish a local Robotics Club.

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