Mike, thanks for the reply.

 The PowerPC that we intend to use is radiation tolerant to 20Krad.
 The entire flight computer is comprised of the 603 processor, boot
 PROM, SDRAM and PowerPC to PCI bridge. All this is huosed on a
 single 2.5" x 2.5" module. This technology was originally developed
 for the X-33 Flight Avionics Experiment.

 Since the flight software for this instrument is critical to the
 mission, we are not even considering OS2 nor DOS for this project.


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>It would be exciting to have Ada 95 fly to Mars.
>    > The proposed flight computer is a PowerPC 603 with a PCI bus.
>There are some things that should be asked before choosing between,
>for example, VxWorks or COTS operating systems or Free operating
>For example: will the low-power Power-PC be on a board on an Amiga?
>             if not, how will it be configured?
>             how will it be protected from the radiation?
>             is it okay if it reboots occasionally due to memory
>             is it okay if it hangs and requires external reboots?
>             is there any predjudice against OS/2?
>             is there any predjudice against DOS?
>             is there a need for tasking, reliable software, or

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