At 18:08 24/07/1997 -0500, John Howard wrote:
>On Thu, 24 Jul 1997, Eric James DeArment wrote:
>> Do you know of any places where I can find robotics-related programs in
>> Ada?
>I don't know of any available in Ada. There was a book that dealt with
>embedded systems programming using Ada 83 on a micro. In January I tried
>to buy it but it was not available from the publisher.
There was a robotic competition in France, in which ENST participated with a
robot in Ada. Actually, the robot was a partition of a distributed system,
communicating via a radio link and RCI packages!

It is described in the proceedings of the '97 Ada-Europe conference
(available from Springer-Verlag).
                  J-P. Rosen ([log in to unmask])
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