[log in to unmask] (Ben Brosgol) writes:

>Although I don't have an answer, I think that TRW is asking the wrong
>question.  The issue is not the number of XYZ Programmers (where
>XYZ is Ada 95, C++, etc) but rather the number of people who
>understand the principles of software engineering and who also
>know XYZ.  I would suggest that although the sheer number of
>C++ programmers is undoubtedly much higher than that of
>Ada 95 programmers, if you filter the population so as to
>focus on those who truly understand software construction,
>then the numbers become closer.  It is far more likely
>that an Ada 95 programmer will also have a good understanding
>of software engineering, than a C++ programmer.  So although
>it may be harder to find Ada 95 programmers, those whom
>you do find will be more likely to succeed.

Which brings to mind another question which might be asked:

       Assuming our personnel selection is imperfect, what are the
        statistics regarding our likelihood of getting competent
        software engineers if we choose only those experienced
        in C vs only those experienced in Ada.