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J-P> There was a robotic competition in France, in which ENST
J-P> participated with a robot in Ada. Actually, the robot was a
J-P> partition of a distributed system, communicating via a radio link
J-P> and RCI packages!

Well, the robot we did present at TriAda '96 (btw I have serious
doubts about the availability of the '97 proceedings at this time :-)
was using Ada and the distributed systems annex (GNAT + GLADE) over a
radio line. It was running our own RTOS, called Spif-OS (the robot was
called Spif), originally based on Xinu.

We are also experimenting RTEMS on this platform. We may do another
demo in St Louis with RTEMS, Spif-OS or both.

People interested into a collaboration should contact
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PS/ the one participating to the contest had no radio communication,
    it was of course strictly forbidden since we were dealing with
    fully autonomous systems here
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