Yes, it's true.  Unfortunately I can't change the Web
page because I don't have access to it!! (Even though
I've asked. Several times.) I've made the corrections
on MY Web page, but not many look at that one first.

Can someone who has access to the TA97 Web page please
change this error?

>>> Hal Hart <[log in to unmask]> 09/22/97 09:26pm >>>
 It's wrong on both the AP and our TA97 website.  I got
an answering machine twice.  I vaguely recall an email
a week or two ago mentioning this and giving the
correct FAX #, but I don't seem to find that msg.
Then I looked at the Adam's Mark web page & it says we
have the last 2 digits transposed.  314/241-5518
worked!                -- Hal