Mike et.al.,

     He definitely said "Ada", not "A-D-A", and pronounced it
just fine, using long and short vowels at the correct ends of it.
He sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

TAP -- Baltimore SIGAda
From: Michael Feldman
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Subject: Re: Ada Ad Broadcast in Prime Time by WAMU-FM
Date: Tuesday, October 21, 1997 6:43PM

> > American University in Washington, DC, broadcast an
> > acknowledgment of financial support from OC Systems, "providing
> > Ada systems to the world" (or something quite close to this
> > wording).  This should have been a surprise to many federal
> > government employees and local software professionals on their
> Or else OC Systems will be flooded from calls from law firms wanting a
> system to deal with the "Americans with Disabilities Act" :-/
WAMU is my favorite radio station.

Now I wonder whether the announcer pronounced it "Ada" or

In any case, GO OC!:-)

Mike Feldman