>No it's not a dream anymore Tk/Tcl is there, it is plateform-independant
  Could one make a word processor, say, that looked on screen just like
MS Word, with Tk/Tcl?  with Jave/AWT?  For some applications, that's not
important, but for others the very Window-ish look and feel is very
important.  Clearly, word processing can be done with a different menu
structure, on screen window/subwindow arrangement, etc etc.  Is there a
system where you can program a word processor that does editing,
copy+paste, page layout, etc etc, without OS-specific coding, and then
separately decide on the on-screen menu structure, toolbar use, etc
depending on the particular OS/GUI API at hand?  Currently all this gets
jumbled together and you wind up choosing between a GUI specific
program/binding vs getting the look-and-feel you want.
  (Not to mention the OS-specific stuff if you want to communicate with
other programs, even in a trivial clip-board manner.)