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Organization: Dept. of Computer Science, Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, USA
Subject: New Software Engineering mailing list
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 1997 15:03:17 -0600
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We invite you to subscribe to a new, non-commercial mailing list for
the Software Engineering community: [log in to unmask]

SEWORLD is intended to serve as a central place for relevant
announcements of software engineering conferences, workshops,
symposia, special journal issues, calls for papers, research and
educational systems, and the like.

The list is moderated to avoid spam, duplication, and other misuses.
In addition, all e-mail addresses are registered privately to the
list, and are not published nor will they be given out to anybody
requesting them.

Simple instructions on how to subscribe and/or contribute to SEWORLD
are appended below.  Visit the SEWORLD web site at:

Please pass this invitation on to your colleagues and other interested

Subscriptions to SEWORLD

Requests to be added to SEWORLD should be sent to
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To subscribe, send (in the body of the message)
   subscribe seworld <desired e-mail address>

To unsubscribe, send (in the body of the message)
   unsubscribe seworld <registered e-mail address>

To find out more options, send (in the body of the message)

Please contact "[log in to unmask]" if you encounter any
problems or have any questions.

Contributions to SEWORLD

To contribute to SEWORLD, send your message to
   [log in to unmask]

More information

Please visit the SEWORLD web page for more information:

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