DANA:  Joe Stanko has suggested that it's appropriate for me to
request one of the standard evening Birds-of-Feather rooms at
STC'98 for a BOF related to Ada.  So, I'm so requesting.

If you need a title, how about "The Rise of Ada Commercially and
SIGAda's Ada Awareness Initiative"?  (latter to be demonstrated by
SIGAda booth in your exhibit hall again.)  I don't want to be too
specific now, I welcome alternate titles that might be better draws,
and I really do want a wide draw to draw attention to and gather info
about non-required usage of Ada.  That we will also draw many friends
of Ada from DoD projects no matter what we title it is assumed and welcomed.

I know conflicts are unavoidable, but I do assume no BOF gets
scheduled against a big reception or anything else more major than all
the other BOFs.  Thanks,        -- Hal