AdaGraph is a complete package for basic (educational) graphics on the
Win95/NT platform without requiring a Win32 binding or Windows
programming knowledge.

AdaGraph is freely available as a self-installing Windows program for
the GNAT 3.09 and 3.10p1 and the Aonix ObjectAda 7.0 and 7.1 Special
Win95/NT compilers.

This new version implements many enhancements as requested by users,
among them:

- Mouse and extended key input      - Full documentation in WinHelp format
- Ellipse and Get_Pixel             - All source code included
- User-Definable drawing area size  - Polydraw support

AdaGraph v0.5 is automatically integrated with AdaGIDE v6.15 and later.

The easiest way to obtain this new version is through the Ada on Windows
page at:


-- Jerry van Dijk | Leiden, Holland
-- Consultant     | Team Ada
-- Ordina Finance | [log in to unmask]